COLLEEN SolénoMix diffusé sur 12 radios en France, en Belgique, au Canada et sur Internet:

ALIGRE FM Paris / Ile-de-France - Radio PANIK Bruxelles - Radio HDR Rouen - C'ROCK Radio Vienne - L'EKO DES GARRIGUES Montpellier - Radio FMR Toulouse - Radio TRANSPARENCE Ariège / Foix / Pamiers - Radio CAMPUS Clermont-Ferrand - Radio CAMPUS Tours - RTF Limoges - 48FM Liège / Belgique - CKUM Canada - "Solénoïde" is a multidiffusion program which is broadcasted on 9 french, 2 belgian and 1 canadian stations!

PLAYLISTE SolénoMix 2005

GAMELAN SON OF LION "Sleeping Braid" (Locust)
COLLEEN "A little mechanical waltz"
MAGNETIC FIELDS "Josephine" CD "Wayward Bus/Distant Plastic Trees" (Merge Records)
STEFFEN BASHO-JUNGHANS "Smiling Penguins" from compilation "Wooden Guitar" (Locust)
DIMI MINT ABA and KHALIFA OULD EIDE "Yar allahoo" CD "Moorish Music from Mauritania" (World Circuit)
COLLEEN "The zither song"
MOVIETONE "The sand and the stars" (Drag City)
VASHTI BUNYAN "Train Song" CD "Just Another Diamond Day" (Spinney Records)
PG SIX "Introduction (letter to lilli st.cyr)" CD "Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites" (Amish Records)
TIEMOKO SISSOKHO "Diagha" from CD "Sénégal - Kora Malinké" (Prophet)
COLLEEN "The ukulele song"
LEE PERRY "Roast fish and cornbread" (VP Records)
COLLEEN "The melodica song"
BRIDGET ST JOHN "Autumn lullaby"
CARL FRIEDRICH ABEL "5 pieces in D minor for unaccompanied bass viol" (first piece – wieland kuijken, viole de gambe) 
LOVE "Alone again or" (Elektra Entertainment)
HARRY PARTCH "Two studies on ancient greek scales – 1"
COLLEEN "I’ll read you a story"
CLAUDE DEBUSSY "Arabesque no 1 en mi majeur"


PLAYLISTE SolénoMix 2003

MARK FRY« dreaming with alice – verse 1 »
DUKE ELLINGTON « fleurs africaines »
JOHN CAGE « sonata 1 » (sonatas and interludes for prepared piano)
BARBARA « gottingen »
DJANGO REINHARDT « minor swing »
RACHEL'S « honeysuckle suite »
ROLLING STONES « lady jane »
HAMZA EL DIN « munshah »
DELIA DERBYSHIRE « blue veils and golden sands »
JOHN BARRY « mountains and sunsets » (you only live twice)
THIS MORTAL COIL « another day »
ANNE LAPLANTINE « hambourg » 1
SKIP JAMES« devil got my woman»
CATPOWER « sophisticated lady »
STONE PONEYS « evergreen part 2 »
NICO « these days »
HALF ASLEEP « the twilight was probably right »
SUPREME DICKS « blue elephant »
HALF ASLLEEP « tu sens le sommeil et les larmes »
MARK FRY « dreaming with alice – verse 9 /10 »


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