SOLENOÏDE - Mission 04


TAL "Breaks, Rattle and Roll " - extrait de la compilation "Substancia 3" (Quatermass / Tripsichord)

THE WORLDS OF LOVE " The Whirls of Love " (Review)

CHRISTOPH HEEMAN and ANDREAS MARTIN "Wires" - extrait de la compilation "Brainwashed" (The Wire)

ULTRA LIVING s/t - extrait de "Transgression" (Artefact)

BODY PARTS - Nick DIDKOVSKY / Guigou CHENEVIER "One Wooden Leg" (Vand'oeuvre / Culture Press)

PHIL VON & THE GNAWA MUSICIANS OF FES "Transe Incolore" - CD "L'Autre Nuit" (Lytch -

INTERNATIONAL PEOPLES GANG " 4pm…4am" (t:me recordings)

GENERAL MAGIC "Nachbugzerlo" - CD "Rechenkönig" (Mego)

THE WORLDS OF LOVE "Inner Workings" (Review)


Les programmes du Solénoïde -

"Solénoïde" is a multidiffusion program which is broadcasted on 9 french, 1 canadian and 1 belgian stations: ALIGRE FM Paris, Radio PANIK Bruxelles, CHOQ FM Montréal, Radio HDR Rouen, C'ROCK Radio Vienne, Radio MAU-NAU Châlons-en-Champagne , L'EKO DES GARRIGUES Montpellier, Radio FMR Toulouse, Radio TRANSPARENCE Ariège / Foix / Pamiers, Radio CAMPUS Clermont-Ferrand, Radio CAMPUS Tours...